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21.2 October 2021
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Summary of changes to version 21.1 (October 2021)
The notes have been updated in response to feedback from clinicians, current evidence, and national guidance. Please circulate to your colleagues to facilitate use of the latest version in clinical practice.

Changes include: -

  • Page 1-2: No changes made.

  • Page 3: Mumps, Measles and Rubella (2 doses) added to medical history check list.

  • Page 4: Updated information for parity.

  • Page 5-11: No changes made.

  • Page 12: COVID-19 new section now included. Important symptoms now include a prompt regarding symptoms of COVID-19.

  • Page 13-16: No changes made.

    Page 19: Prompt added to special features section, whether COVID-19 vaccines have been given or declined.

    Page 20-22: No changes made.

    Page 23: Information sharing moved to this page.

    Page 24-26: No changes made.

    Page 27: Measles, Mumps and Rubella vaccinations discussion now included.

    Page 28-29: No changes made.

    Page 30: Version 21.2 (October 2021).

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