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Version 20.1 August 2020

The notes have been developed from user feedback as an alternative to using individual booklets. They combine antenatal, intrapartum and immediate postnatal care for the mother, therefore reflecting the complete episode of care. Separate booklets for postnatal care for Mother and Baby will be required to use in conjunction with the Perinatal Maternity Notes. They are evidence based and support care provision.

The notes are hand held by the woman, facilitating two-way communication between the woman and her health care professionals. Documenting all clinical care and management plans within the notes encourages openness and transparency. Effective communication within the multi-disciplinary team helps to prevent avoidable loss and accurate contemporaneous record keeping is a fundamental component of good maternity practice.

The Perinatal Maternity Notes are available to order from Harlow Printing once training has been facilitated.
Please contact Harlow Printing at sales@harlowprinting.co.uk or tel. 0191 496 9731.

For information about training, please contact the Perinatal Institute at notes@perinatal.org.uk

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Kathryn Cooper Office Administrator
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