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Diabetes in Pregnancy Notes Package - Version 18.1 June 2018 - Costs applicable to NHS trusts only

Price per pack of 25 sets of notes = £30 (£1.20/set).
Please note there will be a delivery charge of £5.00 for orders less than £75.00

Each set of notes includes:

- Diabetes in Pregnancy Notes booklet (IPERI 32) - 1/1
- Clinic held summary sheet (IPERI 33) -1/1

If further follow-on sheets are required they are available at cost price:

- Clinic Held Summary Sheet (IPERI 33) - pack of 25 (£7.50)
- Continuation sheets, Page 10 (IPERI 38) - pack of 25 (£7.50)

To support use of the Notes:

- Dedicated website 
- Training support
- Online exemplars

The Diabetes in Pregnancy Notes are available to order from Harlow Printing once training has been facilitated.
Please contact Harlow Printing at sales@harlowprinting.co.uk or tel. 0191 496 9731.

Please note average time for delivery is 10 working days on receipt of purchase order.
For information about training, please contact the Perinatal Institute at notes@perinatal.org.uk

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