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Version 21.1 - January 2021
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The Postnatal Notes for Baby are to be used in conjunction with Postnatal Notes for Mother. The dual documents ensure support of the mother-baby dyad whilst acknowledging that mother and baby are individuals. At the end of the period of midwifery care, each booklet is returned to the unit for filing.

Where the baby is with carers other than the mother, the Postnatal Notes for Baby booklet stays with the baby. Where the baby is admitted for neonatal intensive care or transitional care, then the Postnatal Notes for Baby booklet can be used in conjunction with other specific documentation.

Changes include:

Management plan updated to personalised care plan throughout the booklet.

Page 1: No changes made.

Page 2: Refusal or reluctance to feed added to baby alerts and key to risk. Feeding issues added to the 1st postnatal assessment.

Page 3: Coping with a crying baby discussion added to special features section.

Page 4: No changes made.

Page 5: Information expanded in excessive crying section to include ICON website.

Page 6-11: No changes made.

Page 12: Updated information to skin to skin contact and settling a crying baby

Page 13-17: No changes made.

Page 18-19: Updated templates from Child Health Record (red book).

Page 20: Checklist updated to include a discussion about coping strategies for a crying baby.

Version updated to 21.1 January 2021.

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