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Last print run: Version 21.1 - January 2021

The intrapartum period is relatively short but requires close observation. Good record keeping is a cornerstone of best practice. Therefore it is important to have a comprehensive document which is evidence based and supports care provision. It should clearly record the care provided, and have prompts to alert to risk factors according to NICE guidelines.

A review of the intrapartum notes currently in use had shown wide disparity and lack of standardisation, and there was a widespread practice to rely on the addition of loose pages. This means that it is impossible to know whether a record is complete or pages are missing.

The notes were introduced into clinical practice in the West Midlands in 2003 following region-wide consultation. Since this time the notes have been reviewed and revised in line with national recommendations, feedback from clinical practice and users. The notes are now used widely across England.

Project Team:

Shani Taylor Office Administrator
Sue Day Office Administrator
Kathryn Cooper Office Administrator


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