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The standardised maternity notes have been developed by a multi-disciplinary team at the Perinatal Institute, following a comprehensive consultation process with mothers, midwives and other care providers. The notes aim to improve quality and safety of maternity care and to replace the heterogeneity of locally developed maternity records, which increase complexity of care across provider boundaries, and for doctors and midwives moving between different units.

We always welcome and gratefully receive comments, suggestions for improvements and alerts about new guidelines. If you would like to contribute to the consultation and review process, please contact the notes team to be added to the mailing list for consultations.

The notes are updated regularly according to national guidelines to represent the latest recommendations for best practice. They also allow consistent recording of information required for the new maternity payment system and the national maternity dataset.

Uptake has been increasing steadily across the NHS and currently already over 60% of pregnancies in England are being managed with the Pregnancy Notes. An electronic version of all maternity notes (MiApp) is currently being developed. For further details please see the link.

We recommend health professionals are trained to use the records prior to implementation into clinical practice. Examples of completed notes are available by clicking here. For information about training options or feedback please email: notes@perinatal.org.uk.


Mental Health Update

Perinatal mental health problems are those which occur during pregnancy or in the first year following childbirth. It can affect up to 20% of women and covers a wide range of conditions. If left untreated, it can have significant and long-lasting effects on the woman and her family. Perinatal mental health problems can also have long-standing effects on children’s emotional, social and cognitive development. NHS England has committed to fulfilling the ambition in the “Five Year Forward View for Mental Health 2016”, so by 2020/21 there will be increased access to specialist perinatal mental health support in all areas of England.

The Royal College of Psychiatrists, NHS England and Health Education England have developed in partnership a set of mental health leaflets which offer support for mothers, their families and healthcare teams. They offer advice and signpost to promote better understanding and support people in making decisions about perinatal mental health issues. The leaflets have been written jointly by perinatal psychiatrists, women with lived experience of perinatal mental illness, and their partners. The leaflets can be accessed via: - www.england.nhs.uk/mental-health/perinatal/


National Maternity Review – Better Births 2016

The vision of this review is for maternity services across England to become safer, more personalised, kinder, professional and more family friendly. Every woman should have access to information to enable her to make decisions about her care and where she can access support that is centred around her and her baby’s individual needs and circumstances. They outline 7 areas of focus:

1. Personalised care 2. Continuity of carer 3. Safer care
4. Better postnatal and perinatal mental health 5. Multi-professional working 6. Working across boundaries
7. A payment system

The Pregnancy/Combined notes (version 18.1) have been recently reviewed and updated to assist maternity units with providing information to women about:

  • Place of birth choices
  • Prompt questions that they may want to consider discussing with their health care team
  • Engaging women with planning their care based on personalise choices
  • Location of antenatal/postnatal care
  • Dedicated mothers page for the mother to document any questions, comments she wants to discuss with her health care team

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