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Version 18.1 - June 2018
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The Postnatal Notes for Baby are to be used in conjunction with Postnatal Notes for Mother. The dual documents ensure support of the mother-baby dyad whilst acknowledging that mother and baby are individuals. At the end of the period of midwifery care, both booklets are returned to the unit for filing.

Where the baby is with carers other than the mother, the Postnatal Notes for Baby booklet stays with the baby. Where the baby is admitted for neonatal intensive care or transitional care, then the Postnatal Notes for Baby booklet can be used in conjunction with that documentation.

The Postnatal Notes intend to facilitate delivery of an improved standard for postnatal care tailored to the individual needs of the woman, the baby and her family. They reflect the NHS Agenda around public health offering an equitable service which is accessible, flexible, and culturally sensitive. Evidence based information is provided to enable mothers and their families to make informed choices, allowing them to engage in their plan of care based on national guidance and recommendations.

The postnatal notes provide prompts for identification of risk factors to enable action to be taken, by appropriate personnel, which can be communicated effectively, supported by efficient documentation of the management process.

The Postnatal Notes for Baby contain:

  • Explanatory notes on ‘what to expect’. Mothers want ‘information that is up-to-date and evidence based, answers common problems, discuss options and offers practical advice’; socially disadvantaged mothers want at least as much information as other groups.

  • Prompts for midwives to discuss various public health issues which are relevant during the postnatal period – e.g. general baby care, safety, infant feeding, sudden infant death.

  • Space to document a personalised management plan which should be amended to reflect the baby’s changing needs.

  • Unicef breastfeeding assessment form included in the booklet.

  • Information on neonatal screening tests consistent with aims of the National Screening Committee; prompts to confirm that information has been given to allow informed choice.

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