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About the Notes
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Last print run: Version 15.1 - July 2015

The Bereavement Postnatal Notes for Mother have been developed, as a stand alone booklet promoting sensitive individualised care, ensuring appropriate support for the mother. When the mother has been bereaved, the specialist document contains minimal references to the baby following a stillbirth or neonatal death. This ensures that the mother is given information that relates to her specific care requirements. Extensive consultation has been undertaken with specialist charities/ support groups and specialist health care teams. At the end of the period of midwifery care, the booklet is returned to the unit for filing, and available for the postnatal appointment with the obstetric team.

Bereavement care has been associated with a lack of communication between different health care professionals. SANDS recommended this issue would be improved by more streamlined documentation. These notes have been designed to facilitate this and improve standards of care. The notes are tailored to meet individual physical and psychological needs of the woman and her family. While offering an equitable service which is accessible, flexible and sensitive.

Project Team

Sally Buller Senior Specialist Midwife / Project Lead for Maternity Notes
Sally Giddings Head of Midwifery / Supervisor of Midwives
Jason Gardosi Director
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