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Field Trial
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This evaluation was a joint project between, the Perinatal Institute and 9 NHS Trusts:

Birmingham Heartlands Hospital,
Birmingham City Hospital,
South Warwickshire NHS Foundation Trust,
University Hospitals North Staffordshire,
Sandwell and West Birmingham NHS Trust,
George Eliot NHS Trust,
Burton on Trent NHS Trust,
Mid-Staffordshire NHS Trust,
North Middlesex NHS Trust.

The findings of which were presented at a regional meeting.

Project leads

Sally Clifford, Specialist Midwife, Perinatal Institute.
Sally Giddings, Specialist Midwife, Perinatal Institute.

The aim of the field trial was to assess the ‘user friendliness’ of the notes and whether the notes fulfilled the role they were intended to, i.e. clear, logical documentation of care.


The trial started in October 2011.

120 sets of notes were issued, 10-25 to each site. The initial pilot ran for 3 months to ensure the notes where used for more than one consultation.

Each unit was issued with a supply of evaluation forms for health professionals. The purpose of these forms was to ascertain feedback from clinicians on the layout, progression and usefulness of the document for recording the care provision. This enabled them to provide feedback and make suggestions about changes they would like to see made to the document.


Feedback was received from all 9 participating pilot sites and user representatives i.e. SANDS.
45 evaluation forms were issued and 23 (42%) returned.
All members of the multi-disciplinary team provided feedback.
Comments from feedback forms have influenced change in design of notes.

Comments/suggestions from clinicians and user groups

“Finally a standardised approach”
“Definitely better than having to use normal postnatal notes”
“I like the opportunity of having a prompt to offer a 1st and 2nd opportunity of creating memories."
“Lots of information for bereaved parents in care document”
“Prompts to inform health care professionals once death has been confirmed”
“I would like to see this adopted nationally so all families are offered the same information" (bereaved mother)


Women and care providers want a standardised document to support the care provided to bereaved mothers and their families.
This will ensure equity of care provision and will support clinicians in facilitating the implementation of national recommendations.


We would also like to thank all the health professionals who took part in the field trial, not only using the notes to record the care they gave but also taking time to complete the evaluation forms.

Sally Clifford & Sally Giddings, Specialist Midwives, Perinatal Institute.

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